Aug 13th, 2013

The Cardinal Mistake of a CEO

The cardinal mistake of a founder and CEO (and the reason why your board should fire you) is not to recruit an awesome senior team.

Founders are frequently threatened by leaders with more experience. They worry that they are not up to par, that they are fake, impostors; that they can’t lead people who have achieved so much more in life than the founder has done so far.

The best evidence that you are doing an awesome job as a CEO of a growing company is to demonstrate your ability to recruit and lead a team of experienced functional leaders. If outstanding talent is willing to work for a less-experienced but inspiring CEO, that’s evidence enough that you’re doing a terrific job as a leader.

Your mission is to lead, provide vision and direction, remove obstacles. And hire the most amazing talent you can find. Companies are never built by a single person.

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