Sun, May 19, 2013

Follow your Gut

Recently one of my mentors suggested that, for one week, I follow my gut for every decision I make. No rationalizing of decisions I make, no over-thinking, no filter. Just go with your gut.

Lo and behold the results were stunning. I was exposed to more opportunities than before, I made some hard decisions which were long overdue (and felt good about finally making — and making in a way which was in line with my values & beliefs) and it made me rethink quite a few of my underlying assumptions.

Try it. We are conditioned to think things through. Make rational choices. And have a healthy distrust of our internal compass. It’s pretty interesting to see how things evolve if you trust yourself just a tiny bit more.

And no — I haven’t entered the realm of new age hippies. Don’t worry. :)

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