Jun 25th, 2013

Don’t settle for second best

When it comes to hiring, especially in the context of a startup, the discussion very often centers around the “startup hiring conundrum”: You know you need the very best people you can get; yet you can’t afford them.

Truth be told — I don’t believe that this (always) is true. There are plenty of amazing people vegetating inside of large corps, working on menial tasks and just waiting for a white knight like you to save them. There are also plenty of young people brimming with excitement and potential just waiting for the right opportunity. Your conviction, your passion and your vision (plus a sprinkle of equity) usually seals the deal. And if the person doesn’t want to leave her cushy office job — well… then they are not cut out for startup life in the first place.

The one thing you should never ever do though is: Settle for second (or third, or fourth) best.

Too often I hear someone say: I can’t hire X, I found Y, he essentially sucks but I will hire him anyway as I need warm bodies.

Trust me — this is a recipe for disaster. Never settle for second best. You owe it to your startup.

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