Oct 8th, 2013

Digging Yourself Out Of The Hole

I’m just back from the Mozilla Summit — a three day bonanza of bringing together 1,800+ people in three locations around the world to align ourselves, plan the future and celebrate. It was an incredible experience — and I was fortunate enough to play a small part in the organization and execution of this event.

Returning to “real life” after running on adrenaline for three days (and many, many weeks leading up the Summit) is always a very somber experience for me. I tend to fall into a hole — in the past I got outright depressed for a while. I know that a lot of entrepreneurs battle with the same issues — as their day-to-day is so energy-fueled, always-on, fast-paced they have a hard time switching off and even standing still for a little bit. And when they stand still — instead of recharging their batteries they become moody or depressed.

To a certain extend I learned to accept this as the price I pay for the surge of energy I get when “it’s on”. Plus over the years I learned the importance of having a support network of people with whom you can be vulnerable, where you can let your guard down, talk about your feelings and just be you. It’s incredibly helpful to do this when you’re feeling down — the sheer act of saying it out loud and giving yourself permission to be in this emotional state for a little bit helps enormously to get through it quicker and better.

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