Fri, Mar 01, 2013

A-Players, Superstars and Ninjas

Whatever hideous superlative bullshit word you want to use to describe the rare breed of people who are truly exceptional, one thing is for certain: Once you have worked with someone who is of that kind there is no turning back. You will never accept working with someone who’s of a different caliber again. And when you find yourself working with someone who doesn’t meet this standard you want to constantly bang your head against the table.

For me there is nothing, literally nothing, more rewarding than working with these individuals. They inspire me, they challenge me and they bring out the very best in me.

When it comes to finding your cofounders, your initial team or making those oh-so important first hires don’t settle for anything less than the very best people you can find. If their intellect, their energy and drive scare the shit out of you — they are the right people for your endeavor.

Don’t settle for anything less. You owe it to your venture.

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