Fri, Dec 14, 2012

Quality over Quantity

You know all that jazz about quality over quantity. How multi-tasking destroys your productivity and so on… A while ago I found this image — courtesy of the one and only Tim Ferris which summarizes the main work principles beautifully: In summary:

  • Check email ONLY:
  • 10AM
  • 1PM
  • 4PM
  • Send any time
  • Set email to check every 3 hours.
  • NO email on evenings.
  • NO email on weekends.
  • EMERGENCY? = Use phone.
  • FOCUS 1–3 Activities max/day
  • LOG 1–3 Succinct status bullets every day on team wiki
  • MINIMIZE chat
  • MAXIMIZE single-tasking
  • OUT by 5:30PM ~ No excuses

These simple rules saved my bacon for years now.

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