Nov 22nd, 2012

Pivot my ass.

Silicon Valley’s obsession with everything lean startup and especially the magical pivot is getting really old. Everybody and their dog pivots these days. Tried a business idea for about 12 minutes and didn’t get an offer from Zuck for $1BN? Pivot. Try again. You learned something. And that’s what counts.

Your idea is obviously crap? Well, doesn’t matter. Pivot until you find something that works. It’s all about learning. And failing fast.

Jeez, girls and boys… this is f’ing stupid. None, I repeat, NONE of the companies which we admire, which made billions and which did change the world magically pivoted into their business models. They all set out a vision and went to work. When it got hard, they worked harder. They persevered. They didn’t run when the going got tough. THAT’s the way you get to breakthrough. And innovation. And get to do something worth doing.

Oh — and you know what they called the kids in my school which gave up after trying just once? Losers.

But hey — go ahead and pivot once more. At least you failed fast.

RANT OVER. Thank you for your patience.

(and in tomorrow’s rant we will discuss why the whole lean startup thing is just a marketing ploy as it is nothing else than Toyota’s 60-year old Kaizen philosophy)

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