Fri, Dec 21, 2012

Hacking the System

I love it when people hack the system. There is a guy who creates short videos explaining the proper English pronunciation of words — such as pneumonia. His videos all look the same — a gray background with the word written in Helvetica. He made more than 700 of these videos.

Now there is someone else who creates videos which look the same but are complete spoofs. The pronunciation is hilarious — for example his version of pneumonia. This guy also produced more than 200 of these videos.

When you do a YouTube search for “pronunciation pneumonia” both videos show up. Looking exactly the same. One video has more than 218,000 views, the other a mere 11,000. Guess which one is the proper one and which is the prank.

What a brilliant hack.

Oh — and the moral of the story: Don’t trust the Interwebs. :)

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